Simmering Sprinkles for Sweet Scents!

Hello again!  Since I already introduced you to the Pink Zebra Glimmer candle and how long it burns (and burns, and burns…), I thought I’d show you another way to scent your home with our awesome Sprinkles!

The first way is with a Pink Zebra Simmer Pot.  These plug into the wall, and a low wattage bulb melts the soy wax Sprinkles nice and slowly, spreading scent all over the place!  Using a Simmer Pot really is a nice, simple way to fragrance your home without the worry of a flame (if you worry about that kind of thing!)  Here’s Pink Zebra’s sweet Simmer Pots…



The other stylish product Pink Zebra has to simmer your Sprinkles are the Simmering Lights.  These consist of a base, low wattage light bulb, Sprinkles dish, and white or colored shade.  Like the Simmer Pots, these plug into the wall and melt the Sprinkles slowly, spreading fragrance in  your home for a good, long time!  But what really makes these special are the decorative outer shades that are placed over the base shade.  Pink Zebra has many styles, from simple wire and cut out shades to artistic pieces and major bling!  It’s so easy to change the look of your Simmering Lights by simply changing out the shade, and it’s so simple you can change it as often as you change your mind (which for me, sometimes, is every 5 minutes!) 









Aren’t those something?!  I love that I don’t have to purchase a whole new base unit every time I want to change the look of my Simmering Lights… just the decorative shade!

Anyway, thanks for visiting!  Next post, Pink Zebra Science!


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