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I Heart Sprinkles!



I have fallen in love… with Pink Zebra Sprinkles!  Here’s why…

*  Sprinkles come in over 50 scents.  No biggie.  But when you consider that you can mix scents to create your own special recipe, the options are practically limitless!

*  Sprinkles are made right here in the U S of A from soybeans grown in Kentucky.  USA… USA… USA…! 

*  Sprinkles are made of soft soy (see above).  Soy burns cleaner than traditional paraffin wax, which means no icky residue on your candle jar, on your walls, and in your lungs.

*  Sprinkles let you control the amount of scent.  Sometimes as little as 1 tsp. of Sprinkles in a melter is enough, sometimes you’re in the mood for more, like a TB!

*  Sprinkles can be used in three basic ways… add to an existing candle to change the scent; make your own custom candle with a Pink Zebra candle kit; or go flameless!  Sprinkles melt well and last a LOOOOONG time when used with an electric melter.  And guess what… Pink Zebra has some lovely ones!

So there you have it, just a few of the reasons I have a new love in my life!  And I’m sharing!  Contact me or visit my website to order your favorite *sigh* Sprinkles!