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This week in Pink Zebra!

Hello!  Sorry this isn’t the Pink Zebra Science 101 I promised, but I’m not done with that yet!  I had a crazy busy week preparing for my Pink Zebra launch party, which went quite well, thank you for asking!

For Pink Zebra launch party

For Pink Zebra launch party

I went a little bonkers with the treats, but my guests didn’t seem to mind!  I made decorated sugar cookies, buckeyes, cake pops, and cake push pops.  Mmmmm…


Extreme close up of my Pink Zebra sugar cookies!

Also this week, I was looking for a local cancer charity to benefit from my October Sprinkles Special, and found a wonderful one, Cancer Support Community Western Ohio.  Another Zebra-ette concocted this great recipe, Support the Fight, for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I decided to offer it as my Special and donate $4 from each 2-jar Sprinkles sale (Amaretto Cream and Sweet Pea & Lily) to CSCWO.  I wish we had known about them last year when my nephew was diagnosed with lymphoma… the services they offer could have really helped guide my brother and sister in law with their son’s care.  They do great work, and I’m happy to promote them to people who might need them!  And by the way, my nephew is doing quite well now, he’s in remission and is back playing football (awesome center… #64!) on his high school team… go Bellbrook Eagles!


If you’d like to help and get some great smelling Sprinkles at the same time, just order on my website, http://www.pinkzebrahome.com/itsrainingsprinkles.  Your Sprinkles will come right to your door in a matter of days!

Well, that’s all for now!  Have a great week, keep on Sprinkling!


Simmering Sprinkles for Sweet Scents!

Hello again!  Since I already introduced you to the Pink Zebra Glimmer candle and how long it burns (and burns, and burns…), I thought I’d show you another way to scent your home with our awesome Sprinkles!

The first way is with a Pink Zebra Simmer Pot.  These plug into the wall, and a low wattage bulb melts the soy wax Sprinkles nice and slowly, spreading scent all over the place!  Using a Simmer Pot really is a nice, simple way to fragrance your home without the worry of a flame (if you worry about that kind of thing!)  Here’s Pink Zebra’s sweet Simmer Pots…



The other stylish product Pink Zebra has to simmer your Sprinkles are the Simmering Lights.  These consist of a base, low wattage light bulb, Sprinkles dish, and white or colored shade.  Like the Simmer Pots, these plug into the wall and melt the Sprinkles slowly, spreading fragrance in  your home for a good, long time!  But what really makes these special are the decorative outer shades that are placed over the base shade.  Pink Zebra has many styles, from simple wire and cut out shades to artistic pieces and major bling!  It’s so easy to change the look of your Simmering Lights by simply changing out the shade, and it’s so simple you can change it as often as you change your mind (which for me, sometimes, is every 5 minutes!) 









Aren’t those something?!  I love that I don’t have to purchase a whole new base unit every time I want to change the look of my Simmering Lights… just the decorative shade!

Anyway, thanks for visiting!  Next post, Pink Zebra Science!

Sprinkles Glimmer Candle Test


Greetings, fellow candle lovers!  I freely admit, I am a candle addict.  There’s something about the scent and the flickering flame that just instantly makes me feel at peace, and that all is right with the world.  Bad day?  Light a candle.  Raining and gloomy out again?  Light a candle.  Kids and husband driving you up a wall?  Hide in your room, or better yet, the bathtub, and light a candle (or three!).

When I came across these awesome Pink Zebra Sprinkles and saw that I could make my own candle from them, my heart skipped a beat!  I love buying candles and all, but the thought of making my own (choosing the colors/scents) in less than 5 minutes made me feel all excited and crafty!  And we all know how crafty I’m NOT, so this is really saying something!

So I made my own Sprinkles Glimmer Candle and chose vanilla creme for the scent.  I love vanilla scented things, and the Pink Zebra Sprinkles were no exception.  Then I started wondering, how long would one of these mini Sprinkles candles burn?  There’s so much conflicting information out there, so I decided to try it myself and post the results for you…

I started the Pink Zebra Glimmer candle test at 7 pm on a Tuesday night.  Then, after I lit the candle, of course, I realized that I should have waited until the next day to start.  Because really, who starts a candle burn test at 7 pm when they regularly fall asleep on the couch at 9 pm?  Oh well… so in the interest of full disclosure, this candle test was done over two days.  Picture #1, 7 pm on Tuesday when I started, is at the top of this post… look how pretty and glimmery it is!

8 pm pic… I love the “melty” look.  I thought it would melt more rapidly after this point, 



10 pm pic… yes, I was still awake.  After I took this picture I blew out the candle and went to bed (or back to bed, as I had fallen asleep on the couch watching TV…)



8:20 am Wednesday pic… liquidy candle returned to its solid state.  And look, no icky black residue on the jar.  LOOOOVE that Sprinkles are soy!



10:20 am pic… still going strong!  Go Sprinkles Go!



12:20 pm pic… really?!  Still burning at 7 hours in?  Holy cow!



I took 3 more pics between 12:20 pm and 5:30 pm when I stopped the test.  I got almost to the bottom, but not quite.  I think I read somewhere that you shouldn’t burn a candle completely to the bottom.  Don’t know if it’s true or not, but that’s the way I’ve always done it!  So, here’s the 5:30 pm picture…Image

So, my Pink Zebra Glimmer candle test results are as follows:  1/2 jar of Sprinkles in a mini candle holder burned for 12 hours!  So that means a full jar of Sprinkles could burn for about 24 hours!  As my girl Penny on The Big Bang Theory says… “Holy crap on a cracker!”  And did you see… no black soot on the jar!  That’s a definite plus to using soy Sprinkles!  And my living/dining room smelled AWESOME!  

So the next time you’re feeling stressed, or just want your home to smell great, make yourself a Pink Zebra Glimmer candle, light it, and chill out!  I have over 50 scents (so you don’t have to go all boring vanilla like me!) and several styles of jars to choose from, like these cute little martini glasses…  just click on the Shop My Site pic on the side there or contact me directly!


Take care everyone! 



I Heart Sprinkles!



I have fallen in love… with Pink Zebra Sprinkles!  Here’s why…

*  Sprinkles come in over 50 scents.  No biggie.  But when you consider that you can mix scents to create your own special recipe, the options are practically limitless!

*  Sprinkles are made right here in the U S of A from soybeans grown in Kentucky.  USA… USA… USA…! 

*  Sprinkles are made of soft soy (see above).  Soy burns cleaner than traditional paraffin wax, which means no icky residue on your candle jar, on your walls, and in your lungs.

*  Sprinkles let you control the amount of scent.  Sometimes as little as 1 tsp. of Sprinkles in a melter is enough, sometimes you’re in the mood for more, like a TB!

*  Sprinkles can be used in three basic ways… add to an existing candle to change the scent; make your own custom candle with a Pink Zebra candle kit; or go flameless!  Sprinkles melt well and last a LOOOOONG time when used with an electric melter.  And guess what… Pink Zebra has some lovely ones!

So there you have it, just a few of the reasons I have a new love in my life!  And I’m sharing!  Contact me or visit my website to order your favorite *sigh* Sprinkles!